Proper Tools Can be Key to Worker Safety

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Many job sites in the material handling industry depend on the best equipment in order to run smoothly on a consistent basis. In this regard, products like wire rope can prove to be a great asset. Although wire ropes today hardly resemble the chains made from medal rings, used as early as 225 BC in order to draw a bucket of water up from a well, they are generally far stronger and more effective. Whether it is used to support lifting gear or a hoist that uses either a drum or lift wheel with a rope or chain wrapped around it in order to lift a load, wire rope can be a great tool.

Although proper crane safety training can go a long way towards keeping workers safe on a job site, using great tools like wire rope is a good way to support that training. Because they have added power, trains of today that use combustion engines or electric motors and hydraulic systems are much stronger than their ancestors. However, this means that they can be much more dangerous. As a result, the proper use of safety tools, like wire rope, is necessary to making sure that workers are as safe as possible.

In addition to wire rope, job sites might also want to use chains to help lift heavy objects. While a chain is commonly used as a physical object, it is also a unit of measurement that can be used in surveying. In a furlong, there are 10 chains, and there are 80 chains in one statute mile. While measurement chains might not have a great impact on job sites, safety chains and wire rope can be very useful. Not only do they help improve efficiency, they help make sure that workers stay safe while performing tasks that may be dangerous.

While the main priority of many job sites is worker safety, keeping any items that need to be moved or shipped is also high on the list. In many cases, despite its strength, wire rope can not properly support large loads. Web slings, which are the most popular and useful type of sling because they are flexible and lightweight and have wide bearing surfaces, can be used to protect a heavy load in those cases. So while wire rope is a great resource for job sites, it is just one of many tools that keep workers safe.

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