Your Compay Needs Good People

Executive search and selection

You need strong people on your sales team. They must be confident, enthusiastic, goal-driven, and charismatic. With these qualities, all your employees will be successful. People who are on a sales career path know that it takes perseverance and positive attitude to secure a place on a sales team. The turnover rate in a sales job is fairly high because of the toll it takes on people’s confidence. In fact, a third of people in sales and marketing jobs have been there less than a year. With this in mind, be selective about the resumes you entertain. You want to think longevity when it comes to the people you hire.

Finding a headhunter to do the job for you can alleviate at least part of the process for you. A recruitment agency can organize the qualifications you are searching for and match resumes according to this list. They can filter the number of applications that are submitted based on which resumes match your company’s needs. If you need someone with a specific history and proven record of sales, the selection process will be easier and less time consuming. Using any type of contact management software requires your team to have this skill so be sure to list this as a qualification must.

Above all, the interviewee should strike you as someone with endless self-confidence. You know that confidence and the ability to sell go together. You also know that most non-routine sales take at least five follow-ups and you want to make sure that the sales people you hire can make this repeated effort. Keep in mind that everyone on the sales career path knows what it takes, but not everyone can deliver. Interview carefully and find the person that not only matches your company’s needs, but someone who believes in themselves despite rejection. It will make all the difference in your company’s success.

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