Would You Know What a Swivel Caster Was If It Bit You?

Stainless steel cable ties

Do you take swivel casters for granted? I bet you do. I bet you could not name an instance of when you actually use them, even though you actually may use them every day. Do you even know what swivel casters are? Maybe it is time that you took a minute or two to read about some handy hardware that makes your life that much easier without your even know it.

  • Swivel Casters
  • How does your rolly desk chair scoot around so quickly and conveniently? What about your shopping cart? How does that take those hairpin turns without you needing to make wide, arduous arcs in the grocery lanes? Swivel casters, of course! They are those round wheels that are attached to a 360 degree spinning caster, allowing for fine manipulation of direction in the most tight and awkward of spaces.

  • Zip Ties

  • We have all seen colored zip ties
    in any number of locations out there. They hold bundles of cords together behind your entertainment center, they secure buoys to docks, they keep gates, doors, cupboards closed. The standard black or white, or color cable ties can do just about anything. The police even use them as substitute handcuffs at times.

    They can be applied to virtually any situation in order to secure something closed, combine two things, or provide some form of link between two objects. The variety of sizes, materials, designs, and structures make them one of the most versatile little pieces that can go into your toolbox.

  • Cable Tie Gun
  • If you want to expedite the cable tie process, or if you have a position on an assembly line that requires frequent, repetitive tying and cutting of cable, then you may want to invest in a cable tie gun. This bad boy makes the process simpler, quicker, and safer. Not only does it expedite the procedure, but it also makes it less strenuous on your hand, fingers, and wrist.

Have you gleaned a new sense of appreciation for the little things in life? At least those things that work so quietly and diligently in the background, making sure that we can do what we need to. Keep an eye out for zip ties or swivel casters the next time that you go out on the town. I guarantee you that you will find them, and find them useful as well.

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