Without Classic Mild Salsa, Hummus, And Guacamole, Your Party Will Bore Everyone

Roasted garlic hummus dip

By 2008, over fifteen million Americans claimed to consume hummus on a regular basis and when put out with classic mild salsa and spicy fresh guacamole for a party, you can bet that you will have a winning combination of dips. The record for hummus dips in terms of weight was set in the Guinness Book of World Records at over four tons and while you will surely not make any recipes using hummus at this weight, you will want to put out a sizeable amount for your guests because once they taste it, they will want more. You should not be bashful to make any hummus recipes for your guests or to put out the dip on its own because it contains no cholesterol or saturated fat, making it a very healthy food to eat.

Of course, if you want to add some kick to your appetizers, you will do well to bring out some classic mild salsa regardless of what else you are serving. The best classic mild salsa can go with anything from veggies to tortilla chips and you will find that people will love it for having kick, but not being too overbearing. You will find that by serving lots of great dips at your party, you will be able to entertain guests with just about any tastes. Your party will turn out to be a smash and everyone will rave about the dips you put out to kick things off.

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