Why the SEO reseller Needs to be Careful

The SEO reseller is a very real help for their partner SEO firm. However, they must be careful who they resell SEO services for. Seo resellers provide the new clients for the SEO firm and in return for this service, the SEO reseller can make a commission if they are an affiliate type reseller. Another even better type of SEO reseller is one that is a white label or private label reseller. This type of reseller makes way more than a simple commission off of their services. The white label or private label reseller owns their own business and can determine on their own how much they want to get paid for their services. In fact, some of these resellers can make hundreds of dollars a month off of just one client.

The way this is done is by raising or lowering their fees. The reseller that has his or her own business actually gets SEO services for their client from their partner SEO firm. They get the services for a discounted price that they agree on with the SEO firm. Then the white label or private label SEO reseller has the freedom to put a price tag they feel is reasonable on their SEO plans and packages. The client even has more freedom to negotiate the fee if they are dealing with a white label or private label SEO reseller. In the end, the partner SEO firm makes what they need off the deal and the SEO reseller makes their profit.

The client gets professional SEO services and everyone is happy. Right? Not so fast! If the SEO reseller has partnered with a lousy SEO firm that is lazy in providing SEO services the client won’t be happy, nor will the SEO reseller. The SEO reseller can lose clients that way, especially if the SEO firm they partner with uses black hat SEO tricks. Then the reseller has to go out and find another SEO firm to partner with or face financial disaster. This is why it is so important to do your research first and only choose to sign up to be an SEO reseller with a really reputable SEO firm.

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