Why Photo Booths Are Right for You

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Photo booths are fun ways to get pictures with friends at places, and gathering of all types. Photos have come a long way, but where did they start. Photography comes from the Greek translation of, “painting with light.” The first automated photography machine was made by William Pope and Edward Poole of Baltimore and the patent was filed in 1888. Coincidentally, Kodak was the first company to sell cameras to the public in that same year.

When astronauts landed on the moon they had to take moon rocks back to Earth. to allow for the extra weight for the rocks, they had to leave items on the moon, because of this, there are 12 Hasselblad cameras on the moon. The digital camera revolutionized how we take pictures. The first digital camera made for the public was 10,000 dollars. Mindblowing!

Now we use pictures for recreation and fun. Photo booth companies rent out and sell photo booths for occasions of every type. Have a wedding? Rent a photo booth! Photo booth rental for weddings is a great way to spice up your happiest day. Everyone will jump in and snap some pictures to remember the occasion for a lifetime. Photo booth companies will sell booths. Maybe you want to have the cool house, so buying a photo booth will ensure that anyone who comes over will have a wonderful time!

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