Why Affordable Hotels in Rochester are a Good Choice

Rochester ny hotels

Did you know that some of the oddest things to have been stolen from a hotel include a 300 pound air conditioning unit, a color copier from a meeting room, the sliding doors from a wardrobe, and a desk? Before you get any ideas, remember that Rochester hotels usually have your financial information and will bill you for the Ikea desk you decided to take home.

There have been facilities offering hospitality to guests since before biblical times. In the bible, one of the most famous moments is, after all, Mary being turned down by the local inns and having to give birth in a stable. Though it is not recommended that you use hotels in Rochester NY as birthing locations, you will find that there are always good rooms available at affordable prices.

Rochester today is known as the Flower City, partially because of its Lilac Festival. Rochester has more lilacs than any city in the US. It also has many ties to the former abolitionist and suffragette movements. Indeed, both Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony are buried in the historic Mount Hope Cemetery.

Many visitors stay in Rochester ny hotels because they are visiting family, attending conventions, or are drawn to the festivals and events that occur very frequently every summer. Regardless of their reasons for visiting, there are several hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts to choose from. Because the area and hotels in Rochester NY are especially affordable, now might be a good time to upgrade to that special suite you have always wanted to try out.

When you book rooms in hotels in Rochester NY, make sure the amenities you want are included. Some people, for example, really like having a complimentary breakfast, while others feel it is more important to have a microwave in their room.

Hotels in Rochester NY are usually quite accommodating but if you have any issues, talk to the staff and consider writing an online review so that other visitors know what to expect.
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  1. Good points. My parents are HARDCORE about getting a supposedly free breakfast. I guess its pretty convenient but its always the same array of really basic cereals, toast, and fruit, you know?

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