Wheelchair Stairway Lifts Helping Individuals Maintain Independence in Their Daily Lives

Wheelchair car lift

It is quite common for people to have some anxieties and concerns about the process of aging. This is most often due to the fact that when a person grows older, their body begins to experience some detrimental effects. When a person becomes physically compromised, many of their daily activities and routines can start to be much more challenging than they ever were. Simple acts such as going up and down the stairs or entering a vehicle can be quite difficult, or seemingly impossible to do alone for those who must use wheelchairs.

The difficulty of these challenges can cause many people to become fearful that they will have to relinquish a great deal of their independence. Those who use wheelchairs, however, many not have to rely on the help of another and give up the independence that they have enjoyed. With car wheelchair lifts and stairway lifts for the elderly and those who have disabilities, independence in daily routines can be maintained.

A self taught engineer named C.C. Crispin built the first prototype of the stair lift in the 1920s to help an ailing friend get from one floor of the house to another. For sufficiently wide stairs, stairway lifts use a rail is mounted to the treads of the stairs or on the wall beside the stairs. The rail will have a chair or lifting platform attached to it.

Wheelchair ramps are usually less expensive options than wheelchair accessible vans that use a powered lift to assist the individual in boarding the vehicle. Recently, the development of wheelchair lifts has seen innovations that can assist people in entering truck cabs so that they may drive or operate heavy equipment. With vehicle wheelchair lifts and stairway lifts, elderly people and those who have disabilities can keep their independence and lead a fuller life.
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