What’s the Purpose of a Desk Grommet? Four Types of Access Hardware

Desk grommet

How do you receive your daily information, electricity, and food? No matter what appliance you use, at some point, a cable is helping along the way. We make use of them daily, but rarely think about them.

If you are interested in knowing how access hardware is used, then you might want to know more about cables. Many tools and appliances are used to secure and manage different types of cables. Just think about that the next time you power on your computer! Here are four items you might frequently encounter, as well as what they do.

1. Cable Gland

Cable glands are connectors that secure the ends of cables to equipment. They are necessary for providing strain relief for cables that would otherwise experience stress as a result of their own weight, creating the risk of cables falling out. They are used in multiple industries to assist with telecommunication, data, instrumentation, and power cables.

2. Cable Ties

Cable ties, also known as zip ties, are small, typically nylon bands that have either a push or teeth and pulley method of creating a solid hold. These fasteners are used to tie groups of electrical wires or cables together. Color cable ties are popular, since they make it easy to identify wires and usage. Blue cable ties, for example, are used in the food industry.

3. Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommets are flexible, donut shaped objects that fit into holes in solid panels. They help to both dampen vibration, and minimize fraying to cables as they pass through the hole. Preventing strain release is important, since otherwise, the electrical connection can become stressed inside of the equipment as the result of a tug. Grommets can also help to keep the wires free from element exposure, such as water or dirt.

4. Desk Grommet

Unlike the rubber grommet, a desk grommet is not donut shaped, but can come in a large variety of shapes depending on desk openings. The grommet openings themselves often feature slots or nylon brushes, unlike the rubber grommet’s open hole. The desk grommet’s purpose is to eliminate cord clutter and to keep cords out of the way from where people are working or walking. They are intended for indoor use only.

What do you know about securing and managing cables? Let us know in the comments.

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