What to Remember When Getting Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Cosmetic dental procedures

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists is now reporting that nearly three-quarters of Americans believe that a problematic smile can significantly inhibit their chances of establishing a successful career. It’s true that a healthy, shining smile can give a person more confidence, and thanks to latest innovations in the dental world, there have never been more options for treatment. Here’s just a taste of what you have available to you. For more information, always consult your local dental professional.

Clear and invisible braces

The big question these days is regarding traditional metal braces and the clear plastic invisible ones. Which one straightens up teeth better? Which one takes less time to run its course? The truth is that it all depends on your unique oral imprint — after all, just like fingerprints, no two sets of teeth are alike. There are pros and cons to both, obviously, but it’s all about finding the type of treatment that works for you.

Teeth whitening procedures

The AACD also reports that teeth whitening is on the rise. In the past five years, whitening has seen a tremendous increase of 300% in the United States, though it only makes sense given the number of options available. You can opt for in-house, peroxide-based procedures that are performed right at the dental office or special teeth whitening home remedies that work right as you sleep. Your local cosmetic dentist can help you find the option that’s right for you as well a ballpark idea for teeth whitening costs.

Cosmetic dental implants

The days of dentures are long gone. Instead, many patients are opting for dental implants, which are made from titanium screws that get embedded directly into the jawbone. After a few weeks of healing, the screw becomes the new root, and the prosthetic tooth is placed on top of it. When performed correctly, implant cosmetic dental procedures have a 98% success rate and are good for a lifetime (with a little regular maintenance, that is). Think of this kind of cosmetic dental surgery as an investment in the future of your smile.

Of course, one big issue when it comes to dental work tends to be money. Teeth whitening costs, implants fees, whitening bills — none tend to be covered by insurance. But a good dental office will also have some payment plan options for you to consider, as well. Don’t forget to use your resources. More like this.

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