What are Your Choices for Tires?

Snow  tires

When was the first car accident? This depends on how you define a car. In Ohio City, Ohio, the first gasoline powered automobile accident happened in 1891. An engineer named James Lambert ran into a tree root, losing control of the vehicle and crashing.

Today, accidents are, unfortunately, rather commonplace. Accidents, along with routine maintenance, are the main reasons we need to get auto repair work done. Here are three things you should know about auto repair, which brings in $80 billion in revenue to the U.S. every year.

1. Tire Choices

Did you know that tires are almost always black because a chemical called carbon black, which is added to tires, offers significant protection from ozone and UV damage that causes tire rot? When it comes to tires, you have several options to choose from. Snow tires, for example, are one option. Snow tires have an increased number of sipes that increase snow and ice traction, while reducing grip on wet and try roads. All terrain tires such as Good Year tires, similarly, provide better traction for going on and off the road. Terrain tires are also known as off road tires. All terrain Good Year tires also offer better noise levels than normal tires.

2. Brake Repair

The typical repair for an automobile ranges from $500 to $2000, depending on the damage. If anyone tries to charge you this much for a single brake repair, though, you are probably getting ripped off. The typical issue for brakes is that the break pads need to be replaced. These pads apply both pressure and friction to the brake rotors. This is what stops or slows the wheel from turning.

3. A/C Repair

One of the worst experiences to have in the dog days of summer is a broken car AC. There are several parts to a vehicle AC, including the refrigerant, compressor, condenser, expansion value, evaporator, and receiver. When you take in your car for AC repair, you can also get the air conditioning system recharged. How much will the average visit cost? $500 is average, though the price could go up or down depending on your type of car and the specific problems you are experiencing.
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