Want to Increase Search Engine Positioning for Your Site?

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Are you having difficulty when trying to increase search engine positioning for your website? According to a recent study by Search Engine Land, 100% of search users look at organic search results. 70 to 80% of those same users completely ignore sponsored results. What does that mean? Websites ranking, so long as it is organic, is incredibly important to your page’s success. Here are three ways a SEO company can help you improve your ranking if you cannot do it for yourself.

  1. Slow and Steady Wins the Race
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    Building back-links to your site has long been an important tool when trying to increase search engine positioning. As Neil Patel of QuickSprout points out, building links to your page too quickly can be a huge turn off for important search engines like Google. Instead, making an effort to build only a handful of quality links each month is a better approach. The reason? It looks more natural that way. Since Google Penguin and Panda are trying to make the PageRank algorithm more human, this only makes sense.

  3. What You See is Only Half the Battle
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    What your readers and search spiders see is only half the battle when it comes to trying to increase search engine positioning. Gregory Go of About.com talks about the importance of using meta-tagging to improve world website ranking. For instance, making use of the title tag in your page’s HTML provides Google with more content it can catalog when it is trying to rank your site. Fill your meta-title, meta-description, and meta-tags with topic specific keywords to make your site stick out that much more. If you do not know HTML, SEO professionals can help.

  5. Quality Content is King
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    2011 saw a monumental shift in the way search engine optimizers went about streamlining their content. Google Panda was released in February of that year with the singular goal of reducing the impact of low-end link-farming webpages designed only to grow traffic. The name of the game is now quality content.

    How can you improve the quality of your content? Write to your readers. SocMedSean points out that SEO blog tips, like effective keywords, are important, but they should not be your focus. If you focus on writing things that are useful and engaging for your readers, all the rest will come naturally. Inbound Writer points out that 61% of readers feel better about outlets that provide custom, quality content. Make sure you give that to them.

The fact of the matter is that search engine ranking is a deciding factor in the amount of traffic your site receives and, therefore, the amount of revenue potential you have. Take a long-term approach, write quality content, and optimize your back-end to grow your web ranking naturally. If you cannot, find SEO professionals who can.

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