Wage Garnishment Lawyers Fight for Their Clients

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Taxes have taken many forms throughout American history. During the colonial period, the English crown taxed the colonists to pay for its foreign wars. Every time a colonist purchased a stamp or a cup of tea, he or she had to pay a heavy tax which often cost more than the original item. After the colonists declared independence in 1776, they tried to charge taxes in proportion to a state’s population. However, they were forced to institute a national income tax starting in 1861 in order to pay for the American Civil War. Although the war ended in 1865, these national income taxes would soon become a permanent feature of American life, as Congress, 43 states, and countless other localities continue to collect them today.

Today, the Internal Revenue Service collects income taxes from the more than 200 million citizens who live in the United States. Every year, several thousand Americans find that circumstances beyond their control prevent them from paying their taxes, which often cost them between ten and 40 percent of their taxable income.

In these scenarios, the IRS must go to court for permission to administer a tax levy upon the individual’s possessions, bank accounts, social security payments, insurance payments, real estate, and other personal property. In these scenarios, many American taxpayers hire IRS wage garnishment lawyers who can fight these legal battles for them. In rare instances, these IRS wage garnishment lawyers convince the IRS to lift the tax levy. More often, however, these IRS wage garnishment lawyers convince the IRS to replace the tax levy with IRS wage garnishment, in which the individual in question must send a portion of his paycheck directly to the IRS.

In these scenarios, these IRS wage garnishment lawyers and garnishment attorneys continue to mediate between the IRS and the taxpayers in order to arrange payment plans which will minimize the disruptions to the taxpayers’ lives. However, these proceedings often take years for the IRS wage garnishment lawyers to work out, and by the time they are finished, the IRS wage garnishment lawyers have racked up so many legal fees that many frustrated taxpayers complain that these IRS wage garnishment lawyers have replaced IRS wage garnishment with attorney garnishment. Learn more about this topic here.

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