Utilize Android Device Management For Organizational Growth

Android in the enterprise

136 million Android phones were shipped during the third quarter in the year 2012, representing a 75 percent market share. Bring your own device models of implementation, meaning that employees bring their own devices to work to connect with company resources, is getting more popular every year. This simplifies interfacing, as it requires just one operating system. The safety of the bring your own device implementation model is also very attractive, as mobile device and cloud software simplifies digital security needs. There are one out of every four companies that have bring your own device models in place but lack management systems. Considering that 70 percent of smartphone users check their email for work outside of the office, this is a problem.

The good news is that such a problem is easily addressed by Android in the enterprise experts. Android management experts can create a practical plan for utilizing Android security model implementation and updates. Android device management can be very complex. Android device management experts will simplify your business use of this software. One excellent benefit of Android device management is how quickly it can address the loss of a company phone. As soon as the device is reported missing or stolen, an IT manager at the central office can wipe the memory on the device remotely. It is also possible to make sure that third party games or downloads are not taking place on company devices, thus boosting productivity.

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