Using Seo Tools to Track the Progress of Your Website

Seo reporting

SEO or search engine optimization has been growing businesses since before Google first tweeted “I’m feeling lucky.” Or at least that is what you have heard. If you have a business with with current clientele or existing consumers, but would still like to see your market increase SEO could be the best option for you. The truth is that you already know this. If you are doing any form or marketing at all SEO has probably been on the tips of nearby tongues since the mid tho-thousands. So now that you are looking to help your own business develop, how can you prove that SEO works?

The key to finding the results of search engine optimization is in SEO reporting. SEO reporting tools can give you exactly what you need to know about the success of your SEO ventures. Because search engine optimization uses search engine rankings to leverage you above your competition and get your webpage to the consumers searching for you, SEO can become an intricate balance of science and art. An SEO reporting tool that measures, for instance the traffic of your website, will track the science of your SEO efforts and give you facts to bank on.

Before we get into what exactly you can track with SEO reporting, emphasis must be placed on the fact that these tools and SEO in general only works for organic results, searches and clicks. This is great news, because three quarters of internet searches ignore the top of page sponsored search results anyways.

As you look into which SEO tools will fit your business best you will probably want to know what it is that needs measuring. There are a handful of key statistics you will need to measure with your SEO reporting tools: impressions, clicks, average position and CTR.

Impressions is a count of how many times any of the pages from your website showed up in a searcher’s results page. Clicks then is the count measuring how many people not only saw your page in their search results, but how many actually clicked on the link to go to your webpage. Your click through rate will be the number of clicks you get per impressions made in the form of a percentage. Average position will show you the average placement in search results based on various search queries. This means that search results are predicated on keywords. for one keyword or another your webpage may show up in different positions. Averaging the positions gives you an idea of where in the rankings you are showing up.

So there are the basics, but the best SEO gurus will use even more precision to figure how to get the most out of your SEO experience.

If these tactics seem like they may be over your head or simply too time consuming for you to do on your own, then there are SEO services that will both help you develop an SEO plan and track the results. In order to get the information you want simply ask the SEO service you are looking into if they can share or explain your SEO reports to you. Your service should be using numerous SEO reporting tools to track the progress of your website as they track its progress.

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