Understanding Your Rights Under the Defense Base Act

Defense base act attorney

Each year, the Longshore Compensation Act deals with 27,000 cases of maritime workers (or related employees) being disabled or killed from work related issues. With staggering numbers like that, you should understand how and when to identify Defense Base Act attorneys that can help you with issues.

The longshore and harbor workers compensation act provides compensation to civilian employees that are working on U.S. military bases or facilities and who might not otherwise find the coverage that they need. Since there are so many different types of maritime claims, it helps to understand your rights and responsibilities as part of your employment situation.

Just understanding basic coverage allows you to better prepare for loss or disability as a longshoreman or harbor worker. For example, reasonable funeral expenses are covered up to 3,000 dollars in the event of death. The survivors benefits would also come into play based on the workers AWW. Knowing these numbers can also be key to deciding whether or not to seek supplemental coverage. Your family and individual situation will dictate what makes the most sense.

The Defense Base Act is one way that civilian workers can find eligible employment at military facilities, thus filling vacancies that otherwise would linger. Since, they also have to work under expatriate conditions potentially, having some coverage recognized by the U.S. code helps to insure that employees make sound decisions.

Originally the Defense Base Act was enacted in 1941, coinciding with an increased number of civilian employees at overseas bases. It also provides some level of health care and medical coverage that would otherwise vary depending on the location. Those seeking compensation or coverage under the Defense Base Act should use their employers chain of command to properly document any issues and level of care. Unfortunately these claims have been known to require years to resolve all of the outstanding issues. You will have to make sure that you are speaking with a professional about any maritime claims that fall under the DBA or related codes.

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