Two Ways Washington Urgent Care Centers Stand Out, According To Patients

Urgent care kent wa

Washington urgent care facilities are designed to offer medical services to treat conditions that are not life threatening in nature but that do need some serious attention. The purpose of these Washington urgent care centers is to analyze and ideally treat patients who walk through their doors, but these clinics now offer other services like lab work, X rays and physical evaluations for patients too. As more of Washington’s residents understand the purpose for these Washington urgent care centers, more are visiting them.

Treatment at an Everett urgent care clinic or a Seattle urgent care facility could mean any number of things, from getting medications to help treat a cold or the flu (which affects an estimated 5 percent to 20 percent of the U.S. population each year) to having a bone reset. But people are visiting these Kent urgent care clinics and these Kirkland urgent care facilities too to keep their medical costs down. The typical visit to an emergency room will cost $1,500, while the average urgent care visit is around $150.

Aside from the lowered cost, people are visiting facilities in urgent care Seattle and other cities have available for the convenience factor. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently surveyed people who had visited emergency rooms and found that 48 percent who were never admitted to the hospital due to not being ill enough chose the ER because their doctors were unavailable. Now that Washington urgent care are available, this percentage has been decreasing.

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