Twitter Can Be a Tricky Medium To Master

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Starting a Twitter account, eh? Welcome to the 20th century. But you should know that a personal Twitter account and a professional Twitter account can be two very different things. As such, it is imperative that you know the best practices for both types of accounts, and know that even if you are tweeting on your personal account, you may see an unfortunate overlap in your professional and personal Twitter presences. Looking up some simple, but helpful, business Twitter tips is a great way to get started.

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  • First and foremost, you should never be purchasing a book, or paying for a subscription to a site that is offering you tips on Twitter accounts and how to represent yourself either personally or professionally. There are countless resources out there that will give you all of the information that you want and need for free. Do not fall for the scam thinking that you need that specific information from that book or site. There is nothing singularly groundbreaking there. You can find it somewhere else.

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  • Remember, anything done or said online is not anonymous. And if you think that you can keep your professional and personal lives separate on the internet, whether it is Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or Instagram, think again. Long and hard. All it takes is a search of your name to see what you are doing on your free time. And I am sure many a job application was thrown in the trash after a prospective employer searched an applicant’s name on social media.

    Even with your personal accounts, you need to consider every single thing that you post. Before you submit, consider your boss seeing it. And then consider your business clients seeing it. Does it leave a bad taste in your mouth? Maybe it is a good idea not to post it, then.

  • Business Twitter Tips
  • Reputation aside, there are certain business Twitter tips that you can practice in order to attain more followers and traffic on Twitter. First and foremost, Twitter is not a place to advertise. The second that you start trying to sell something over Twitter, is the second that you will see people unfollowing and blocking your tweets. You need to make the content regular, but not spammy. And it needs to be relevant to your product or service, and if you can relate it to current events, all the better.

    But practice tact! There have been far too many businesses and personalities who have dug their own graves and stuck a foot in a mouth with disastrous consequences. Again, remember, you can never have your own, unadulterated opinion, because someone important will always see it.

And perhaps the most important Twitter tip that you could ever receive: no matter if you think you have the wittiest of witty tweets, it just may offend someone. So, rather than trying to be funny, and get yourself in trouble, think things through. If it is not Twitter-safe, hold onto it and tell your friends in person.

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