Top Five Ways to Make Your Next Move a Little Less Stressful


Here are five easy ways to make your move cheaper and less stressful.

1. Moving does not have to be as expensive as you might think. These days there are coupons for everything. You use coupons when you buy yoghurt, why not find some moving coupons for long distance movers? Even if they only save you a few dollars on packing supplies or you find moving truck coupons that save you a few bucks on your truck, it is still money in your pocket that you can spend on your new home.

2. Try looking for discount long distance movers if you happen to be moving across country. It should not be too hard to find a promo code online and you may be able to save you self the hassle of moving all your own things while saving a little money as well. The one thing to be careful of when looking for discount movers is to make sure that they offer good insurance for your items.

3. If you are moving close to home, try renting a storage unit or pods for a few weeks and slowly move your smaller items into your new house. This way you save money on a moving truck since you will need one less and you can move your smaller things at your own pace. Not having to worry about when the truck is due back, or whether you went over on miles will save you time and hassle.

4. Make sure you remember to cancel things like your newspaper, cable, utilities and other deliveries early and set them up to start the day before you move in in your new house. If you get it all out of the way before you actually start loading boxes and trucks, you will save your self a lot of worry and time.

5. If you are moving farther away, have everyone in your family pack a bag like you are going on vacation. This way everyone will be delay proof. In the case of a mixup or an accident with scheduling, your family will have everything they need and it will not be packed in a truck on its way to your new home.

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