Tips on How to Prepare for a Military Move

Dity move tricks

Did you know moving is one of the most stressful situations to deal with? Only a death or a divorce is more stressful than moving. If you are in the military, than you are fully aware of all the details that need to be in place for moving. Military moving is common for soldiers and most military families will move an average of every three years to a new duty station. The military DITY move program offers soldiers the ability to pocket some extra cash during their move. Furthermore, the military DITY move program will provide you more time to prepare for a move, unlike how the government will handle your move.

Before you start to take advantage of a military move program, you need to get familiar with the services that are acceptable in the military DITY move program. For example, the military DITY move program authorizes personally owned vehicles, privately owned trailers and hiring a commercial moving company. Furthermore, the military DITY move program will cover expenses for shipment by the post office. By using the Dity move calculator, you can figure out how much your move is going to cost you. You can compare the cost of your move with the amount the government will finance your move.
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