The Future of Payroll Is Laser Cheques

Cheap checks

As a business vendor, you actually have a choice as to cheque vendor. Did you know that? Apparently, nine out of ten Canadians do not.

The fact is though, ordering cheques, whether they just be cheap checks (like the American kind, but who wants that?) or laser cheques (which are the better Canadian cheque alternative), through a new company can save you both time and money.

Printing cheques for your employees with a new company is also more flexible, which means that they can customize your product, i.e. they can put logos on your cheques to make them more official. Plus, they are great with customer service, providing you with a more personalized experience. One without a call center answering their phone, so you can talk to real people.

Cheques were actually first developed as a means of payment to merchants and creditors so the payer would not have to carry around massive quantities of paper money. Also, the ancient Romans are said to have used an early iteration of a cheque that is known as a “praescriptiones,” which happened in the first century BC. While in India, from 321 BCE to 185 BCE, there was a form of cheque called an “adesha” that was used. You see, this was an order to a banker desiring him to pay a third person a specific amount.

The history of cheques is long and varied, but (as strange as it is to write, this is the truth) the future is here. Laser cheques.

Laser cheques are going to be your favorite new way of cutting a cheque. Not only are laser cheques faster, cheaper, more flexible, but (and most importantly) they are safer. Considering that 3,277 mailbox thefts were reported to Canada Post in the year 2010, and that checks are the number one target of a mailbox thief, you are going to want the more secure laser cheques.

Also, let me mention that they can help with all of your financial records regarding employee salaries, wages, bonuses and deduction. Yes, that is correct. laser cheques can even help with payroll.

So did you know that you can find an alternative cheque printer? If you did, and have experience, please comment below and discuss.

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