The Benefits Of A Next Generation Network For Businesses

Firewall network security

In 2011 there were 42,887 incidents in the United States that involved the loss of data, computer intrusions, and privacy breaches. With the right style of enterprise firewall you can have an intrusion detection system that prevents you from having to deal with these breaches. Look for an intrusion prevention system that will allow you to fortify your network security platform so that your next gen network security is in great shape at all times.

While companies today are taking more pains to secure consumer data, as the organizational cost of a security breach and the cost per stolen record have declined according to a 2011 study, over 50 percent of businesses do not realize the full implications of a security breach. The federal government has seen an increase of about 680 percent in the cybersecurity breaches experienced in the past six years. With a quality next generation network in place your business will not fall victim to these incidents.

A good next generation network should be installed by a company that has experience and skill at handling network breaches. Next generation firewalls continue to get more sophisticated as the threats to computer networks get more sophisticated as well. Look for a great next generation network and your computer system will be in good shape so that your business is able to handle all of the tasks that it needs to manage for customers without having to worry about losing important data from a virus or network security breach.

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