Take a Seattle Tour to See the Sights

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Seattle is a city full of iconic landmarks and beautiful scenery. If you are visiting soon, you should consider a Seattle tour or two to let you see everything this city offers.

There are Seattle tours that will include most of the sights that most visitors want to experience. You will be able to visit the iconic Space Needle, as well as enjoying some time at the Pike Pace Market. You will also be able to see downtown Seattle and the views of Mount Rainer and Puget Sound.

Many people want a Seattle tour of the Boeing Factory as part of their visitor experience in Seattle. You will experience the facility where these aircraft are built and tested.

Of course, when you visit Seattle, you will want to a Seattle tour to visit the Seattle Space Needle. From the observation deck, you can get a birds eye view of Seattle and the mountains that surround the city. This view will be from the 520 foot high deck where you will be able to take photos of the soaring vistas. You may even want to consider a night visit to see the city lights sparkling below you.

Another Seattle tour you may want to enjoy is the craft brewery and microbrewery tour. You will get to experience the best of Seattle beers. Washington state is home to about 80 breweries, and most of them are in the Seattle area. Taste the lovely brews that are created from locally grown, and often organic, ingredients.

If you are interested in a Seattle tour that lasts more than a few hours, you may want to look into a two day Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainer excursion. You can enjoy these soaring mountains during day hikes where you may see some of the local wildlife in their natural environments. You can enjoy the picturesque lakes, forests, and meadows.

Maybe you would like a Seattle tour that takes to the air. There are several tours of Seattle that will take you up in a seaplane to get a completely new perspective of the city. You will cruise high atop the city, as well as taking a birds eye view of the mountain range surrounding the city during this Seattle tour.

Whether you want Seattle tour that takes you through the downtown section for a day of shopping, or you want something more exciting like drifting aloft in a balloon, you will find tours of Seattle that will suit you. You can find lots of Seattle info and Seattle events on many different websites, so start planning now!

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