Storage Moving Pods


Storage moving pods are an alternative to traditional moving services. More and more people are moving every year, so more and more ways of moving are being devised. Right now, about 15% of the US population, amounting to around 43 million people, will move every year. Four times fewer people visit Disneyland every year. People are also moving over longer distances than they have in the past. Generally, the reason they are doing so is to be closer to their families. Storage moving pods are a convenient way of getting your things across the country.

Renting do it yourself moving equipment like a van can put more of the work, stress, and financial liability of a move in your hands. Hiring a full professional moving company can be unreasonably expensive for many people. Moving container services, like storage moving pods, bridge the gap between the two services. With storage moving pods, the moving company will drop the pod or pods off at your home. You will be responsible for packing you things into the pods. When you are done packing, you will call the moving company, which will then pick up the pod and deliver it to your final destination for you, where you will unpack it into your new home yourself. This saves you the hassle of having to drive your things across the country, but saves you money compared to having a full professional move done for you.

There are other things that you can do on your own to make your move easier. When you are loading your pod, be sure to pack a “survival box” that contains items that you will need during your first day at your new home (e.g. change of clothes, coffee maker, etc.). Also, when you are trying to get an accurate estimate from a mover of how much your move will cost, be sure that the mover sees everything that you are moving. These and other things can help to make your next move much more smooth.

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