Spicing Up Your Pre-made Hummus

Hummus recipe

Hummus is a delicious and often welcomed food for both snacking and as an ingredient in cooking. Hummus ingredients themselves usually come in a wide range of different flavorings and herbs, but the primary ingredients of hummus are chickpeas and tahini, which is a sesame oil. In some hummus recipes, tahini may be substituted for other vegetable oils. Hummus ingredients are what make this food so delicious, as the chickpeas provide the rich texture that people often associate with hummus, while the tahini or other oil provide a unique flavor and aroma. Other herbs, such as garlic, traditional salt and pepper, or cayenne can be added to further enhance the flavor of the hummus, or to provide it with a different flavor profile. Hummus ingredients to consider when spicing up a pre-made hummus could include olives, green onions, or even lemon juice.

Some people prefer to eat hummus plain, while others may enjoy adding lemongrass or red pepper as additive hummus ingredients. Most of these ingredients tend to be added with the purpose of accenting whatever the hummus will be used for. As an example, if you are looking for hummus ingredients that can add a spicy kick for a party, then different peppers, such as habanero, may be added in small amounts for more bite. Other ingredients, such as fresh herbs, can be chopped and added in as hummus ingredients to evoke a more garden fresh flavor profile. This can be a nice accent if you are adding hummus to a chicken dish, or if you want to serve hummus alongside fresh salsa.

Hummus ingredients such as basil, cilantro, or thyme are perfect for this purpose, whether you purchase them fresh or have dehydrated versions in your pantry. Whichever hummus ingredients that you choose to add, remember that you do not want to overpower the flavor of the hummus itself. Hummus is attractive as a food because it already has a very rich flavor, and because it is easy to dip and spread with different breads, chips, and other types of snacks. Pick your hummus ingredients in the same way that you would choose to season any dish, and you should be able to make a tasty creation that your guests will enjoy. The best hummus ingredients should compliment the flavor of the chickpeas themselves, while adding complex notes to the overall flavor of the dish.

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