Software and Advanced Tools Help Bring Oil to Consumers

Oil well investments

In 1859, Edwin L. Drake, who was a career railroad conductor who figured out a way to drill practical oil wells began the oil business in Pennsylvania. Later, in 1861, the McClintock 1 oil well, which is found in Titusville, PA and is still operational, was started. Today though, oil field companies depend on technology and systems that are much different than they were more than 150 years ago. Nowadays, they have comprehensive field software and all kinds of tools available to help make the oil well drilling process more effective and efficient so that consumers have the oil they need to fill their gas tanks and get the products they depend on.

Though the perception might be that oil in the United States is used primarily, if not only, for filling gas tanks, the reality is that, of the 20 million gallons imported every day, only 45% is actually used for gasoline fuel. Oil is used for a number of different reasons, including the production of plastics and other goods, so its uses are quite varied. As a result, though it plays a significant roll, gas for cars is only a part of why Americans depend on oil.

Dependence is so high today that, in the time it takes to read this sentence, the world will have produced some 8,000 barrels of oil. Oil productions are just as busy, if not busier, than they have ever been in the past, and the pressure is on to produce oil at a high rate. Because of that, oil producers will have to invest in field software that helps them stay organized and make sure everything runs smoothly. Without it, they might struggle to keep up with the world’s demand.

Though using field software and other tools is important during every step of the oil production process, from drilling to shipping it to consumers, the production stage is the most important when it comes to oil’s life. This means that oil companies who want to ship out the best quality product will have to make sure they use the right equipment during that time. Without it, they might run into inefficiencies and have trouble overcoming problems that cause quality to take a hit.

Software and technological systems are hardly the first things that pop into people’s minds when they go to fill their tank or use oil in some other way. However, without them, we might have a lot more trouble getting the oil we need so consistently. More info like this.

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