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The term “view through conversion rate” describes the percentage of internet users who view a paid advertisement but never click on the ad itself. Instead, significant amounts of internet users spend time choosing to go directly to the advertisements URL instead of clicking the link in the advertisement. One of the main reasons why an SEO reseller program is attractive involves the lack of in house SEO talent of most website owners. Therefore, website owners outsource seo services in order to compete on a level playing field in major search engines. Recent studies expose the fact 36 percent of small business owners pay for analytics tools and publish tools as well.

An SEO reseller program must include PPC management and content creation services in order to improve a website’s overall quality and performance. Social media marketing services are included in some SEO reseller packages because of how many people use social networking sites. During 2010 and 2011, almost three fourths of business owners used the PPC advertising option on Facebook. This percentage dropped down to 56 percent in 2012. This is mainly due to a condition called “banner blindness.” Recent studies show most internet users ignoring paid advertisements. Regardless of this fact, an SEO reseller program must include PPC management services because 20 percent of internet users still click on paid advertisement links.

The growing popularity of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, is affecting how internet marketers approach search engine optimization and web design. In fact, almost 90 percent of search marketers say mobile internet is significantly changing the way internet marketing campaigns develop. Almost two thirds of business owners handled social media without outsourcing in 2010. By 2011, only 55 percent handles their own social media marketing campaigns. This means more companies are outsourcing their social media marketing needs. Be sure to read reviews about an Seo reseller program before committing with an SEO program.

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