Scaling the Enterprise Through Cloud Computing


Since the beginning of 2013, approximately 80 percent of new enterprise applications run on cloud platforms. Simplified, that means that the network, usually the internet, is used to deliver services that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. In using cloud computing consulting to put together application services, businesses are less tied to specific locations enabling employees to work on the go and away from a central office.

Plus, the addition of cloud consulting capabilities can be the difference in scaling your enterprise applications or looking for alternative solutions. Taking advantage of the mobile application development companies experience also allows employees to bring their own devices (BYOD), potentially increasing their efficiency.

Organizations can look at cloud consulting and custom web application development to address several concerns for application software development and deployment. First, there is the issue of evaluating whether off the shelf applications or services will effectively cover all requirements. If not, custom cloud development will insure that the solution fits the business needs. Also, scalability is less of a concern when your application can be developed and deployed as an internet based application.

Using cloud based services, businesses can streamline their deployment efforts. By using a cloud or internet platform, they do not need to support multiple operating systems and configurations. Cloud applications are optimized so that the user interface is essentially browser based, insuring that functionality and compatibility is not dependent on hardware. Again, this means that the bring your own device trend can save businesses hardware costs as more employees are using their own laptops, tablets and smartphones to access cloud applications.

Even legacy, enterprise applications can be integrated into “middleware” to allow different programs to communicate and to make the platform cloud compatible. The trend towards cloud computing and mobile application development has pushed spending to exceed fixed data network spending since 2012. Overall, the efficiency and availability of cloud based applications provides a considerable upside to application development and deployment.

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