Patch Management Offers New Age Solutions

Mobile workforce

In 2012, a survey performed by Enterasys found that 74 percent of companies allow BYOD policies on some level. These policies allow employees to bring their own mobile devices into a workplace and connect to a corporate server. While there are a lot of benefits to allowing your employees to connect on their own devices, it is also important to have patch management and iphone security solutions in place to keep both your network and the devices connected to it secure. Bringing your own device into a workplace can help to improve efficiency and productivity, but it can also introduce security threats if the network is not properly prepared.

Solutions like patch management may give businesses the type of protection that they need, especially when 30 percent of all mobile subscribers in the US are business mobile users. That is a lot of potential information loss over a corporate network without the right protection. With iPhone management tools in place, and the right patch management options, it is possible to keep all of the devices on the network secure, and the network itself. There are different ways to approach mobile security and mobile device management. BlackBerry devices, for example, have a strong encryption system that can be based on multiple factors instead of a simple PIN. Other devices, like those from Apple, have multiple device management tools built into the original OS.

These solutions may not be enough when you have thousands of devices on a single network, however, which is why patch management software may be a necessary investment. Your patch management could be part of your overall cloud based architecture, which BYOD business models will rely upon heavily. Choosing the right smartphone management solution is not just a matter of practicality, but one of preparation as well. With patch management options in place, you will be able to properly deal with the smartphone users in your office. There are almost 1 billion smartphone users in the entire world, and being able to handle the technology could mean accessing a greater workforce. With patch management solutions that are easy to manage and easy to distribute over a network, you may find that it is much easier to get tasks done within the appropriate amount of time on a network with a vast amount of mobile users. Thanks to patch updates, they should be secure and ready to work on day one.

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