Order Honor Society Cords For Graduates

High school honor cords

The use of graduation cords is a long standing tradition. Wearing graduation honor cords sets apart the students that tried as hard as they could to earn the highest honors available to them. Providing high school honor cords is important for the students, as you will want to use honor cords for graduation and National Honor Society cords to reflect the hard work that students put in during their high school years. Some honor society cords cost more than others. If you try to order a single cord at a time, it will probably end up costing you quite a bit of money. This is why it is usually more practical to order several honor society cords at once. When you order honor society cords in bulk, you will be able to get a large enough order to provide a cord for each member of a graduating class that has earned their honors.

Be sure to specify the color that you want when you order your cords. Some schools prefer to use cords that match up with their school colors. You may also want to speak with a National Honor Society chapter member at the school in question to find out if there are specific color schemes that must be used for national or baccalaureate programs. It is also a good choice to order various sizes of cords for the graduating students that are short, tall or somewhere in the middle.

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