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Numerous countries around the world have implemented green initiatives to reduce the amount of paper that is wasted in every sector. Despite these efforts, more than 90 percent of business-related documents are still paper-based, and the average worker prints out about 45 pieces of paper daily. This leads to cluttered desks, and sometimes, more than an hour and a half a day is wasted trying to locate documents that are either lost or misplaced. That is valuable time that can be put toward increasing productivity. In addition to wasted time, up to $12 million dollars is squandered every year searching for irretrievable information, and recreating missing data, according to the International Data Corporation.

To save valuable time and money, many companies have begun using scanners to load their data to secure software programs, and shared servers, called cloud storage. This gets rid of clunky files, and piles of paper documents that require extra staff to keep them organized. By using electronic records, companies can save money on overhead costs, because less employees are required on-site to manage this data. Files that have been stored in the cloud can be accessed anywhere, and companies can allow the required staff to log in and use the information. Cloud storage has become popular for this reason, and it can house a large amount of data in one location.

There are many devices on the market that have scan to cloud options. Wireless scanners now do not even require a PC to connect to before loading to the cloud. Documents can be placed in a configured cloud scanner, and be sent directly to the cloud storage location. These newer portable scanners have screens that resemble smart phones, which makes it an easy interface to use, and once the device connects to the internet, a simple click on a app does the rest of the work.

With these options for going paperless, there is no reason why companies cannot begin to use cloud scanners to store their data. Cloud storage makes housing information easier, more efficient, and less time consuming. This method of collecting and keeping data, along with the convenience of new wireless scanners, can increase a business’s productivity, and consequently raise its profits.

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