Making the Change: Why You Should Consider Used Clothes Donations

When it comes to ways that anyone can help to improve the world, an often overlooked option is to donate old clothing. It sadly remains as an untapped resource to give back to the community, and given a little more attention, clothing donations could truly change many people’s lives for the better.

On average, Americans are known to throw out over 10 pounds of clothing in a single year. To put it another way, Americans are known to use almost 20 billion outfits within a year. That’s 68 garments and 7 pairs of shoes for each person. If the average American can afford to purchase an item of clothing a week, why not donate old clothing and give the basic necessity that you take for granted to those who are less fortunate.

Benefits of Donating

While many people know that the benefits of recycling and donation exist, it is rare that someone sees the direct impact that their effort makes on the community. It often helps to be validated for your efforts when it comes to giving back; although the change seems small, I am here to tell you that the impact upon the lives of those less fortunate is not.

Something as simple as a clothing donation can provide much-needed help to a person that otherwise has no access to these necessities. Not only this, but your donation of old clothes to a charity is tax deductible. The exact value of the tax deduction will, of course, vary based on the value and number of items which you choose to donate.

How to Get Started

Almost all of the charities which encourage people to donate old clothing have helpful features to further encourage future donations. If you or someone you know has a closet so packed full of clothes that you can barely remember the last time you wore certain outfits, maybe it is time to consider getting organised and helping your community.

Charities such as Red Cross work around the clock to help keep people safe and taken care of, while also working to ensure that the donation process runs as seamlessly as possible. Services such as the red cross clothing pickup can come to you so that you do not even need to leave your home to contribute to your community. With this convenient drop off and pick up, one can easily fit a donation trip into even the busiest of schedules. Why wouldn’t you donate clothes to help your community out, seeing now that it is easier to do than it has ever been.

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