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Your company might be at risk if you don’t understand how to hire sales reps. Not just anyone qualifies for this position. Of course, someone can be trained for a sales job, but finding good sales people who have the knack for sales is hard. Less than half of the people who are hired for sales stick with it and are most likely not suited for sales. Sales and marketing jobs are the easiest jobs to find on any employment website. Headhunters are always looking for the next best sales recruit to take their company to the top. Recruitment firms constantly have their eye on resumes that strike their interest. Before hiring any sales rep, there are many things that sales management must keep in mind.

The first thing to look for when planning to hire sales reps is to find a person who is confident because confidence and the ability to sell are co-dependent. As the employee gains an understanding of the product they are selling, their confidence will increase tenfold, but they must have solid self-confidence from the beginning. They must be willing to persevere and exhibit patience when faced with clients who won’t budge. This is where confidence is of utmost importance — as a sales rep, rejection is as frequent as the 40% turnover rate in sales positions.

But even if someone is only an average sales rep with a great deal of confidence, there are definite sales techniques that can turn the mediocre sales rep into an exceptional one. Be sure to offer training and sales management options for employees so that there is always another goal on the horizon. This is another key attribute to consider if you want to know how to hire sales reps that will last; all successful sales reps are goal-oriented. They are always looking to advance and have a fruitful sales career.

Working with executive recruiting firms is always a great way to find top sales candidates and managers. Executive search professionals will always have many contacts in various fields and might be able to assist your quest for a worthy sales rep. Be sure to consider these points before hiring any sales reps. It might be difference between a successful company and one that tanks. More.

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