Make Sure All Employees Have a Food Handling Certificate

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As a restaurant owner, you should make sure that all of your employees, especially those that are cooking foods, have the proper food handling certificate. As you know, you have to undergo regular health inspections. These inspections usually occur two to four times per year and are generally unannounced. Since you do not to be given a citation or a fine, you need to make sure all employees have that food handling certificate. These fines can be very hefty. For instance, according to estimates from the NYC Department of Health, that city will take in approximately $48 million in fines resulting from health code violations by restaurants.

A food handling certificate is important because your employees will understand how important handling food properly is. Before receiving a food handling certificate, a person will need to take a food and hygiene course, including a food safety course. It is in these courses that they will learn why proper food safety is important. For example, there were 5,461,731 case of food borne norovirus in the U.S. In 2011. Out of that number 14,663 required hospitalization.

During a food safety certification course, your employees will learn that most strains of E. coli are harmless and are found in the naturally occurring flora of the digestive system. However, there are some serotypes that can cause serious food poisoning. Other information for a food handling certificate will include the fact that the campylobacter bacterial pathogen causes diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps. It is also the most commonly identified bacterial cause of diarrheal illness in the world. Keep your customers safe from these health issues by having employees who understand how important food handling safety is to those customers, as well as the reputation of your establishment,

It is not difficult to make sure employees have a food handling certificate. They can get a food handlers permit online for convenience. Since many people in the restaurant industry are busy, this is a very convenient way to obtain that food handling certificate.

Get in touch with your local health department to get all the information you will need to ensure that your employees have the proper food handling certificate. Read this website for more information:

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