Losing Faith in Your Blogging Skills?

Like any normal denizen of the web, you probably follow a laundry list of great blogs. Perhaps these bloggers have even inspired you to hit the word processors and start creating beautifully written features about the human condition, or start blogging news that really matters to you and your community, or pen hilarious anecdotes that find charm and meaning in the everyday.

Naturally, you set your aspirations high, but the fruit of your labor seems to fall short of your expectations. How? Why? You worked so hard and yet yours can hardly compare to the great blogs that you love and cherish.

If this is how you’re feeling, here’s a couple pieces of advice to keep you inspired, and get you back on track.

You Have Great Taste.

Radio broadcaster Ira Glass once said that those who do creative work get into it because they have great taste. The problem is that there’s a huge gap. The blogs you write for the first few years just aren’t as good as the great blogs you love, but your taste is still killer. It’s this taste that makes your work feel disappointing to you, because you know deep down, far away in the back of your mind, what greatness looks like, and your work just isn’t that. Although the work you’re currently doing might not be great, you know what it could be, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Keep Going.

The only way to close the gap between yours and the great blogs you love is to push through a huge volume of work. If you keep going, picking yourself up after each and every one of your many failures, you’ll eventually catch up to your ambitions. It’ll take more than time, and more than patience. It’ll take dedication, and the courage not to quit or label yourself as a loser.

With these tips in mind, you’re site will surely become one of the great blogs on the web. Maybe someday a person finding blogs to read will discover yours and fall in love, but until that day, keep practicing, and honing your craft. If you do, yours will will sure become one of the great blogs beloved by millions. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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