Is the Military Shipping You Off? Do Not Go Unprepared

Army dity pay calculator

How many DITY moves do you have under your belt? Are you a pro at this point? Some military folks have moved around enough that they can go through the process in their sleep. But, if you are new to the military or have been at an established location for an extended period, it may not be too fresh of a process in your mind.

Luckily, the military does not just give you your orders to move and throw you to the wolves. They make a concerted effort to make it as easy as possible. They know that a move, regardless of the situation, can be a stressful process. As such, they offer a few different resources to make the move easier on both you and your family.

  • DITY Move Calculator
  • Every single move comes to a different cost no matter where you are going, even DITY moves. Sometimes it may be hard to prepare financially ahead of time. This is even more important for DITY moves, because it depends on rank, weight of household goods, and number of dependents. By using the move calculator provided by the government, you can figure out just how much of your move the government will cover, and, if there is any left over, how much you will be responsible for paying.

  • DITY Move Checklist
  • This is just a good thing to have for any move, DITY or otherwise. It helps you to be prepared far enough in advance, so that your move can be a smooth, step-by-step procedure, without the stress of forgetting something or doing anything last minute. A moving checklist can tell you when to pack non-essentials, big things, the final pack of absolute necessities, when to have utilities turned on or off at the respective houses, or when to contact the moving companies to schedule things.

  • DITY Move Reimbursement
  • With this program, if you go with the company that the government hires, you are allotted 100% of the reimbursements of the Government Constructive Cost. However, if you opt out of the particular service that the government chooses to do the move for you, you can still do it on your own and get some reimbursement. If you choose to move on your own, you only get up to 95% of the GCC. With this option, you do have the option of getting some advanced operating allowance ahead of time, in order to alleviate some of the out-of-pocket pains.

Maybe you are looking forward to the military move, you are being moved from Germany to Hawaii. Or, maybe they are shifting your from Japan to Siberia, in which case there is not much to be happy about. But, you can get excited about the fact that the government will help you to move your possessions, by hiring a company and paying for it for you.

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