Is It Important to Get the Phrasing of Keywords Right?

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When people search the web, they speak like the hulk. “Register blog.” “Agent estate real.” “Make money.” This works fine when you are lazy and just need some google results quickly, but speaking with the syntax of a caveman is not a good idea for any other internet content creation you might be doing (unless you are the incredibly talented blogger known as FILM CRITIC HULK, but that is an entirely different story).

Search engines are complicated things, and so are the keyword that you put in. The order that they go in does not matter, but the order that they come out in sure does. Would you want to read an article with incorrect grammar, and spelling? No. Of course not. Because that begs the implicit question of what else did these fools get wrong with their info?

As with jokes (and most everything in life), presentation is everything. When you look for “register blog,” you are going to find a lot of articles, blogs and blurbs talking about what places to start a blog at, or you can find literal register blogs, which would be blogs about registers (though I am sure that you did not mean these when you googled “register blog”).

The point I want to make here is that even though search engines let you talk like you hulk (see what I did there?), this will not fly when you publish your content. So when making your blog SEO friendly, make sure the keywords you choose are not only specific and correct, make sure they make sense to someone reading your blog. More.

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