Infuse Bone Graft Lawsuit

There have been a lot of people who have filed an Infuse Bone Graft lawsuit filed lately. The Infuse Bone Graft is a liquid protein that was engineered by a company by the name of Medtronic. The liquid protein is supposed to encourage bone growth in the spine. However, the FDA only approved the Infuse Bone Graft to be done on the lower back and for some limited oral and dental procedures. The problem is, some doctors were encouraged to use the liquid protein in the cervical area of the spine and the results have been disastrous. Patients who received this humanly engineered liquid protein in the neck or upper back should consult with an attorney about their rights to file Infuse Bone Graft lawsuit.

Patients who received the Infuse Bone Graft in the neck or upper back face serious potential complications. Some of the complications include excessive swelling in the throat or neck after the procedure. The excessive swelling leads to difficulty in breathing and some patients are no longer able to swallow or speak. Swelling causes compression of the airways and respiratory depression. Patients are also experiencing nerve damage after the procedure. Some male patients develop retrograde ejaculation, resulting in sterilization. The most serious complication caused by the off label use is death.

An Infuse Bone Graft lawsuit is possible because of its off label use. The off label use violates federal law, so filing an Infuse Bone Graft lawsuit is advised. Medtronics should and can be made liable for damages when patients who have been victimized file Infuse Bone Graft lawsuits. In order to file an Infuse Bone Graft lawsuit you need to talk to a qualified medical product defect attorney. This kind of attorney familiar with the Infuse Bone Graft lawsuit legalities will be one that is also familiar with class action lawsuits.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by the off label use of the Infuse Bone Graft, don’t hesitate. Call and set up an appointment to talk to a lawyer about filing an Infuse Bone Graft lawsuit. The Infuse bone graft lawsuits are taken on a contingency bases and no up front attorney fees are usually required. Even if your loved one has passed away due to complications resulting from this medical procedure, talk to an attorney about filing an Infuse Bone Graft lawsuit. An Infuse Bone Graft lawsuit can be filed for wrongful death.

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