How Urgent Care Can Save Patients Money

Urgent care scottsdale

Did you know that a study in 2010 found that about twenty percent of ER visits were for issues that could have been treated at an urgent care? If just these people were to go to an urgent care, over four billion dollars would be saved in health care costs every year. The average cost of an urgent care walk in clinic Scottsdale is almost exactly a tenth of the cost of the average emergency room visit. Urgent care clinics are, of course, different from emergency rooms.

The main difference is that urgent care in Phoenix is meant for people who have injuries or issues that are not serious enough to require immediate attention. A decent rule of thumb is that you go to an urgent care expecting to walk out on the same day. Common conditions that are treated at an urgent care walk in clinic Scottsdale include lacerations, upper respiratory illnesses, fractures, sprains, gastrointestinal issues like food poisoning, concussions and more. If you are having an issue such as heavy bleeding or trouble breathing, however, you should visit an ER, as your situation requires immediate, and potentially longer term, care.

A study conducted by the CDC found that about half of adults who visit the ER when they could have been treated at Scottsdale urgent care found that they went to the ER because the office of their physician was closed. This is a common problem people have with doctors. Urgent cares, however, usually have longer hours than doctor offices, and there are even some 24 hour urgent care Phoenix.

A walk in clinic Scottsdale can help you with other issues as well, since all urgent care phoenix centers are required to have diagnostic tools on hand. Some of them can do routine check ups, while others are able to do std testing scottsdale. A walk in clinic Scottsdale is also required to accept all walk ins for all hours that it is open, so no matter when you need to go, you are guaranteed help so long as they are open.

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