Hispanic Dishes Can Add Variety to Your Weekly Meals

Recetas de comida

Are you looking for Hispanic food recipes to add variety to your weekly meals? One of the great things about these kinds of recetas de comida (food recipes) is that the preparation tends to be simple.

For example, the making of enchiladas entails wrapping meat, vegetables, beans, and cheese in a corn tortilla. This specific kind of food preparation comes from Mexico, having originated during the time of the Mayans. The word enchilada itself comes from the Spanish “enchilar,” which when translated into English means to add chili pepper to.

Tamales are similarly constructed. In addition to meats, vegetables, and cheeses, fruits and chilies can wrapped in the corn based dough, which can be boiled or steamed in a leaf wrapper. In order to cook them in large quantities, a tamalera is used to steam them.

Another popular dish is arroz con pollo, literally meaning rice with chicken. Though it is highly adaptable and can incorporate many different kinds of ingredients, in addition to the chicken and rice it typically includes tomatoes, garlic, seasonings, and onions.

While the dishes mentioned above constitute main entrees, if you’re looking for quality appetizer ideas, empanadas and cerviche can totally fit the bill. If dessert recipes are what you need, you’ll definitely want to consider flan.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for recetas de comida, see the section below and share your thoughts.

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