Getting Prepared To Move

Packing up your belongings and moving them all to a new spot elicits feelings of excitement and stress. The chaos involved in the moving process is unavoidable, but how you handle the upheaval can make a difference in your mental well-being during the move. Following a few simple steps will help keep you calm as you being your new journey forward.

The first step to a successful move is proper organization. Be sure to begin the planning stages early and do not procrastinate if you can help it. Take notes on the items in your home that you know you want to bring along. Begin getting rid of items that are not necessary to your new residence. Make two giveaway piles: one for friends or family members who have expressed an interest in the item and one for a donation center or thrift shop. If there are items that you know you will not have room for at your new place but you simply cannot part ways with, consider a storage unit of some sort. Look into prices for storage and determine if it is worth the cost to keep your things.

Another important part of organization is laying out an actual strategy for the move. Will you be transporting all of your items by yourself? Will you need to rent a van or large truck? Can you afford to hire professional movers or a company that will bring you a portable storage unit? Look into all of your moving options and decide what will be the most affordable and convenient means for your move. Keep in mind that companies offer free online quotes based on the amount of items that you estimate you will move. Take advantage of this option by seeking several estimates from different types of moving companies.

Once you feel organized and have a strong moving strategy, do not be afraid to ask friends for help. If you have enough hands on deck, your move can feel less cumbersome. This is a great way to spend some time with friends and family members who may not see you as much after your move. Offer rewards, like food, and turn your moving gathering into a social event. Make it a fun experience for everyone involved and find ways to say “thank you” throughout the day to everyone who is helping make your move less stressful and frustrating.

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