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Ever since the colonies won their independence from England in 1776, certain rules and regulations have bee in place that the IRS has to follow when collecting money and assets from delinquent taxpayers. For instance, the 5th Amendment states that the federal government cannot take a person’s property without due process. So in other words, if the IRS is going to put a levy on your bank account or impose a wage garnishment irs, they have to notify you first in writing. You also have a right to be heard before the IRS does such a thing. The IRS hast to get permission from a federal judge before they can put a levy on your house too.

If your employer gets a notice from the IRS requiring them to garnish your wages and then they fire you, they can get in trouble for it and even go to jail. It is a crime for an employer to fire someone just because their wages are garnished. In fact, besides going to jail for it, the employer may even have to pay up to a $1,000 fine. There are also other rules that apply in the taxpayer. Someone that needs federal income tax help can find the help they need by going to a tax resolution service or by contacting a tax attorney. Keep in mind that the government can legally tax its citizens. Even local governments can do that, such as the state of Alabama that imposes a 10 cent tax on every deck of playing cards you buy there.

There are tax settlement companies that offer federal tax help. Tax resolution services are available for anyone that needs federal tax help. You can find a listing for these companies in the online directories. Do not make the mistake of thinking you are stuck trying to hide from the IRS because you cannot pay your back taxes. You can get federal tax help today. A tax resolution service can devise an Offer in Compromise and present it to the IRS on your behalf. If the IRS agrees to the offer you will be happy with the deal. Paying the IRS thousands of dollars on back taxes is not necessary. The IRS is willing to negotiate your tax debt down. Some people have resolved their tax problems for as little as pennies on the dollar on the amount they originally owed. Why not find the federal tax help that you need today?

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  1. Tax resolution services may not seem like they are worth it but they really are the best way to get out of trouble with the IRS.

  2. Tax resolution services may not seem like they are worth it but they really are the best way to get out of trouble with the IRS.

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