Five Facts to Help You Find the Best Handicap Beds

Adjustable bed repair

You might not realize it, but bed comfort just might be the biggest issue affecting your sleep habits. Most people get so used to their beds, they might never realize when an uncomfortable sleeping situation is actually negatively affecting their ability to be fully rested. Luckily, there are always adjustable and handicap beds available to fix those problems. Here are five great facts about sleep habits you might not have known.

1. A good night of sleep is hard to find

Okay, so you definitely knew that one. But how about this little piece of data: About 60 percent of adults report having sleep issues at least a couple nights per week. That number probably is not that surprising, either. But what causes these problems, and how can you help yourself?

2. Roll over, Beethoven

You think you have found a nice, comfortable position, but you still wake up groggy. If you tend to sleep on your side, you could be cutting off your blood circulation. You also might be inadvertently making it harder for yourself to breathe. Adjustable beds or handicap beds are a great way to sleep at a better level that does not negatively affect your bloodflow or breathing.

3. In the flatlands

You bought your last bed because the mattress was first and would best support your back. But our spines are actually shaped like the letter S, meaning a flat surface will not give adequate support to the arched parts. Handicap beds, like adjustable or electric beds, allow a natural contour in the mattress surface, which may help your spine and back and may allow you better rest.

4. Long-term uh-oh

Back pain is a real pain, really. In fact, if your pain continues for too long, you run the risk of potentially serious damage. Typically, those with prolonged back pain are in poorer health than those without. A great way to remedy this is to invest in handicap beds that can best support your lower back and spine region.

5. Support system

If you have persistent back pain, one of the best ways to get a good night sleep is invest in adjustable or handicap beds. Because they can be tailored to your desired levels of comfort, handicap beds may help relieve your lower back pain. They may also help to relieve swelling of the legs as well as poor blood circulation in the legs. Adjust your life. Adjust your bed.

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