Everyone Loves Getting a Postcard in the Mail!

Sample of business postcards

If you have ever sent a postcard or received one, you know that it can be a pleasant, heart-warming surprise. These are often sent by family or friends to loved ones, explaining how their vacation is going, or simply to say hello from a distance.

Throughout history, people have sent and received postcards direct mail for similar purposes. In the late 19th century, the first-known printed picture postcard was created in France, with an image printed on one side of the card. It was produced at Camp Conlie, a training camp for soldiers involved in the Franco-Prussian war. Later, in the mid 20th century, writer Theodore Hook sent himself the earliest known picture postcard that had hand-drawn caricatures of postal workers on it. Some of the most popular postcards from this era featured bawdy jokes or risque images.

Today, postcards are used for all of the above, as well as advertising. Postcards direct mail marketing is common, because according to the Direct Marketing Association, it generates a high response rate from existing customers. They report that there is approximately a 30-fold difference between the response rate of direct mail and email, where direct mail boasts a 3.40% rate versus the 0.12% produced from email marketing.

Because direct mail postcards and other direct mail campaigns reach out to customers with a “call-to-action,” such as heading to their local store for a blowout sale, or using a coupon to get a discount on a service, they also produce a higher return on investment. For this reason, many different industries have utilized postcard marketing techniques to share information with potential customers. You will often find real estate postcards and even business postcards in your stack of mail.

Postcards continue to play a major role in communicating with customers. With the valuable ROI that direct mail advertising provides, you will most likely keep seeing these kinds of postcards in your mailbox every day. Research more like this: www.quantumpostcards.com

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