Do Not Fail to File Your Tax Return, Even if You Cannot Afford to Pay Your Taxes

Back tax relief

There is part of the payroll process that employers are aware of that is called wage garnishment. Wage garnishment involves withholding a portion of an employees paycheck because of a court ordered wage garnishment. The part held back goes to the creditor. If the creditor is the IRS, the money gets sent to the IRS to pay for back taxes. Irs garnishment is nothing new and many people are having their wages garnished by the IRS today. Tax penalties added on to back taxes can put just about anyone into more trouble with the IRS. The government has a right to collect taxes according to the 16th amendment, passed in 1913.

If a taxpayer needs back tax help they can find it quite easily today. There is IRS tax relief programs set forth by the United States government, such as the IRS debt relief program called the Offer in Compromise program (OIC). The IRS offers help with back taxes this way. It is a program where the delinquent tax payer an offer to pay a percentage of what they owe in back taxes. There is a 20 percent fee that must accompany the OIC, along with your non refundable payment and $150 that are supposed to be presented together when making an Offer in Compromise effort to settle your back taxes.

There are private agencies that offer IRS debt relief in the form of loans and professional tax attorney representation for people in trouble with the IRS. IRS debt relief is most helpful when you go through an IRS tax resolution service today. Find IRS debt relief by searching for it online.
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