Current Trends in Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom printed clothing tags

Custom embroidered patches are all the rage these days. Machine embroidery is now being used as a quick way to customize with logos and monograms anything from jackets to team apparel to business shirts. Custom zipper pulls can even be added, too.

You can even find custom apparel labels for your clothing, so you can have your own unique label and styling. With so many options available, you could easily create your own clothing line simply by customizing generic items.

Way back when, custom labels for clothing for each person would have been impossible. Back then embroidery was done by decorating clothing using needle and thread or yarn. That meant someone had to stitch everything by hand.

Modern advancements have made the art of embroidery a whole lot easier, and therefore more options are available. Today, custom embroidered patches for clothing and other items made with fabric, are made to be either ironed on or sewn on.

There are even stronger plastic backing being added to custom embroidered patches these days, to help keep them from bunching up and wrinkling the design.

Printed clothing labels are another trend in the current market. These labels are printed directly on the item, like in the inside back of a tee shirt.

Patches come in all different varieties, from suede to jean to decorative. It is fun to see what a person can do with a jacket, an iron and a bunch of different patches. That is what make custom embroidery an art form in its own way.

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