Choosing the Right Grass Seeds is Important

When to plant grass

Americans love their lawns which is evidenced by the fact that a whopping #29.1 billion was spent by people in the U.S. on their lawns and gardens in 2011. Grass seed is inexpensive, but it was counted as an expenditure. Most people like to use all natural lawn care products and the number of households switching to natural products, including grass seeds, went up to 12 million in 2008. That figure was up from the 5 million who went to natural lawn care products in 2004. People are concerned about their carbon footprint so when you hear that if you use fescue grass seeds and blends, such as Pearl’s Premium, it will produce 5,670 times more oxygen than carbon everyday, you want to use that kind of grass seeds. You can then cut your grass at 3 inches in height instead of shorter.

If you are going to plant premium grass seeds you will want to make sure you water it at just the right amount. People need to water frequently in order to get their seeds to get deep roots. Deep roots are essential for lawn health. You can also consider using drought resistant grass seeds if you live in a dry climate. The right type of lawn seed is essential for healthy looking, easy to maintain lawns. There are different grass seeds for different climate regions in the U.S. Getting a soil analysis before you buy grass seeds is also a good idea.

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