Can Claimants Hire Social Security Lawyers to Help Them Apply for SSDI?

Q: If you are worried about applying for disability insurance correctly, can social security lawyers help at that initial stage?

A: Claimants who are worried about applying for SSDI correctly should seek assistance from social security lawyers. The claim review process can take months and, in some cases, years before a decision is reached. Submitting the initial application and all supporting documentation and evidence thoroughly, correctly and in a timely manner is key to minimizing the risk of delays. Although most claimants apply for SSDI without the assistance of social security lawyers, those who do not feel confident they can handle the process should not hesitate to speak with a lawyer.

Q: What is the main reason for delays in the review process?

A: The most common reason for delays in the social security disability claim review process is incomplete or lack of medical records. Without current and complete medical records and a supportive physician statement, a claim will stall. Confirm with the disability examiner assigned to your case that all the necessary records and documentation have been received. If you have not had recent medical care or treatment, do so immediately to assure that your records are current. If you are having trouble obtaining a supportive letter from your physician, seek assistance from one of the social security lawyers in your area. And if you have any concerns about your claim or need help getting medical records or finding a new physician, social security lawyers have the experience and expertise to help you navigate the process successfully. Whether you have legal representation or not, it is always a good idea to periodically obtain a status update on your file. This will help you stay on top of any missing items or problems so you can address them and minimize delay of a decision on your claim.

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