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Did you know Bill Clinton sent only two emails during his entire presidency? One of the emails Bill Clinton sent was actually a test email, while the other was sent to John Glenn aboard the space shuttle. You may not realize the first spam email showed up during 1978 on May 3. ARPANET was actually the first internet architecture, and 600 users of ARPANET received spam email. Today, email systems have become more sophisticated and able to separate spam email from legitimate messages. Web development companies spend time offering email hosting services to their clients. It is common for web development companies to offer spam filtering options.

There are several benefits associated with services for hosting websites. Rochester web development firms focus on provide email hosting services for organizing archive emails. Furthermore, Rochester web design companies spend time providing options for their clients to access stored messages. Giving special permission to administrators, auditors and users to access stored messages is crucial for productivity. Email hosting services should include contacts, tasks, calendaring and web access options, which is what you should be looking for while comparing web development companies providing email hosting. During 1961 at MIT, the Compatible Time Sharing System (CTSS) came on the scene.

The CTSS allowed multiple users to access a central system from remote locations for the first time. Multiple users were able to share, store, copy and move files from a centralized disk. Today, MIT’s CTSS MAIL is the true email system that most people are using. While looking for web development companies, be sure to read reviews and testimonials. Comparing a few different web development companies is a smart move in the right direction if you want to find reliable and quality development services for your websites or blogs. Outsourcing has always been a strategy that is necessary for competing online.
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