Android Software Providing Secure Solutions for Businesses

Android management

About half of all cell phone users in the United States own a smartphone, with over 91 million smartphones existing in the United States alone. Of those smartphones, over half of them (about 55 percent) will be used for business. With security and encrypted data being important for most corporate level businesses, Google and Android device management is making it much easier for IT managers to secure Android devices being used for corporate purposes. Android, often known as simply Droid, is a Linux-based, open source operating system, most commonly used on touchscreen mobile devices.

The Android security model through android management proves easier for security than other mobile operations systems, because of the open source platform Droid runs on. For example, the android management software allows a corporate IT employee to see how many devices exist, which version of the operating system they are using, can remotely remove data if a device is lost, and many other features that allow the them to manage and secure a large number of mobile devices. Android device management includes cloud-based applications to help provide visibility and control for security and other tasks from a remote location.

Everyone has their favorite brand of smartphone and operating system, and many factors go into this favoring. It is interesting how so many people have formed a cult-like following for their favorite smartphones, without really taking into consideration how important security is. If you are planning on having many smartphone devices included in your day to day business operations, or looking to purchase a phone for work, it is best to avoid these cult-like favoritism and make a smart decision based on functionality and security. Investing in a smartphone running Android in the enterprise is most likely your most secure and reasonably option. However, it is important to always check the smartphone requirements for your work first. The best way to figure out your required mobile security requirements, as an employee, is to contact your supervisor at work.

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